Aspar rigging offers a variety of aluminium or carbon vangs from different producers, such as Z Spars, Sparcraft, Seldén, and others. Depending on your mast setup and your personal preferences, you may opt for:

  • spring vang
  • gas spring vang
  • hydraulic vang

In order for you to choose the right model of vang, you will at least need the following information:

  • Height of the boom: distance between the bottom of the vang mast bracket and the top of the boom mast bracket
  • Length of the vang: distance between the vang mast bracket and vang boom bracket
  • Producer of the mast / vang
  • Type / size of the boat

Mast profiles

Model Z 331 Z 551 Z 711
Dimensions (mm) N°1 N°2 N°1 N°2 N°3 N°1
A 640 825 685 685 980 1120
B 620 1180 540 1090 1240 1340
C 1220 1780 1280 1830 1980 2070
Rope Ø 6mm 6mm 8mm 8mm 10mm 12mm
lenght 9m 13m 10m 13m 14m 17m
Characteristic Z 331 Z 551 Z 711
Max lenght (m) 1,22/1,78 1,28/1,83 2,07
Max boom model Z 204 Z 480 Z 901
Max boom lenght (m) 3,5 5,5 8
Block type 4:01 4:01 4:01
Ø Safety pin (mm) 6 8.lis 12

Certified Service Center

We are a part of the network members inside BSI Group as a Certified Service Center

As a service center, we follow BSI’s recommendations and guidelines. We are fully backed by the factory and we only use BSI supplied, or approved, materials when doing the refits for new or previously supplied BSI projects. This ensures complete visibility and history of all materials installed in the rigging package.