Boom Park Avenue and Boom Canoe

Park Avenue

In addition to having a sleek line, which contributes to the overall look of your sailboat, Park Avenue boom width makes it easier to flake the sails. As it is lowered, the sail is caught by the wide wing platform. Park Avenue boom is usually equipped with lazy jacks which help guide the sail on the boom platform.

Because of its depth, the boom hides most of the mainsail while it is lowered, protecting it from scratching and chafing at the same time. A sun awning can easily be installed on the Park Avenue boom.

Park Avenue booms are produced in various designs and it is possible to install them on an existing mast in most cases.

If you are thinking about retrofitting your sailboat with a Park Avenue boom or simply looking for advice, please feel free to send us an inquiry.


Much like the Park Avenue booms, canoe booms offer the possibility of easier sail folding. The main advantage of canoe booms, as opposed to Park Avenue booms, is their depth, which allows a greater area of the mainsail to fall into the boom. They are usually equipped with a Lazy Jack system, making the folding even more hassle-free.

Canoe booms are made both out of aluminium and carbon composites and are usually fitted on maxi yachts.

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