Custom carbon mast

Carbon masts allow for weight savings and better aerodynamics, which obviously results in better sailing performance. By choosing carbon over aluminum masts, it is possible to save as much as 40-60% in terms of weight. Carbon masts also have a greater longitudinal stiffness, allowing a substantial increase of forestay tension, which ultimately results in higher performance.

If you are looking for a custom carbon mast, please send us all details and measurements you have and we will send you an offer. We work with renowned factories such as Z Spar, AXXON Composites and Lorima.

Certified Service Center

We are a part of the network members inside BSI Group as a Certified Service Center

As a service center, we follow BSI’s recommendations and guidelines. We are fully backed by the factory and we only use BSI supplied, or approved, materials when doing the refits for new or previously supplied BSI projects. This ensures complete visibility and history of all materials installed in the rigging package.