Kalina 4
51000 Rijeka (Orehovica)
VAT ID: HR88384451537

tel: +385 51 343 230

Arsen Dobrijević +385 (0)99 22 22 551 (management, sales, technician)
Adonis Prodan +385 (0)98 473 172 (management, sales, technician)
Siniša Pavlović +385 (0) 99 22 22 552 (sales, technician)
Ured +385 (0)99 800 07 69 (sales, finances, marketing)

The company is registered in the Court Register of the Commercial Court in Rijeka under the number Tt-13 / 7512-5.
Core capital: HRK 27,500.00, paid in full.
Members of the Board: Arsen Dobrijević and Adonis Prodan.

Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d., Zagreb
IBAN: HR7624840081107066577

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Certified Service Center

We are a part of the network members inside BSI Group as a Certified Service Center

As a service center, we follow BSI’s recommendations and guidelines. We are fully backed by the factory and we only use BSI supplied, or approved, materials when doing the refits for new or previously supplied BSI projects. This ensures complete visibility and history of all materials installed in the rigging package.