Other equipment

Tef Gel

Tef-Gel is a watertight anti-corrosion lubricant which eliminates:

  • Corrosion of stainless steel in aluminium
  • Corrosion of deck hardware and lighting fixtures
  • Blistering of painted surfaces
  • Galling of locknuts, mounts, stainless nuts and bolts
  • Corrosion of electrical contacts


  • Tef-Gel is used in any application where galvanic corrosion may occur between dissimilar metals or where components have to operate in a corrosive environment.

The range of applications is almost endless:

  • Ship, boat building, and maintenance
  • Yachts and rigging
  • Motor cruises
  • Dive tank maintenance
  • Fishing equipment
  • Off road vehicles
  • Defence force equipment
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Transport industry
  • Mining
  • Telecommunication
  • Construction equipment
  • Caravans and camping equipment
  • Ports and harbours