Other equipment

Mast Jacks

The Reckmann hydraulic mast jacks give you a choice between two different systems for pre-tensioning your rig.

External mast jack cylinders (“Through bar”)

Reckmann offers cylinders with lifting forces from 10 up to 100 tons either on their own or in a practical carry case. The compact, lightweight aluminum cylinders work at pressures of up to 700 bar and a Reckmann special high-pressure hose connector allows for clean and safe functioning. The easy-to-read pressure gauges allow for precise dock tuning. Sets are supplied in a carrying case containing both jacks, hydraulic T-hose, pump and pressure gauge.

Internal mast jack cylinders

The series of internal mast jack cylinders are laid out for permanent installation in the mast step.Fashioned entirely from stainless steel, both the cylinders and fittings meet all the necessary requirements for corrosion resistance. An in-mast jack system needs a stainless steel jack with a tilting saddle, a hydraulic hose and a pump with pressure gauge.