Other equipment

Hydraulic vang

The hydraulic Reckmann boom vang gives you total control over your boom. When under canvas, the boom is hauled powerfully and with care and the powerful gas charge keeps the boom in place, even when the sail is jammed and in rough waters. A range of pumps and control panels for fast and accurate adjustment is available, as well as a quick-release option to dump the vang instantly. Your benefits at a glance:

  • oil passage through piston rod - reduced length of the hydraulic hose, minimising the risk of damage
  • pre-set but variable return force - perfect control and easy reefing or flaking
  • lightweight - advanced design techniques and materials keep weight to a minimum
  • finish options - available with both clear and black anodised finish
  • available in sizes from -12 to -60
  • bigger vangs (up to size -360) and other materials (stainless steel and other) available on request

Reckmann “Furlfind” – an innovative automatic furling boom positioning system

Furlfind offers maximum ease and control when furling your mainsail. By simply pushing a button, the vang will automatically move in a previously programmed position. For every furl or unfurl process, boom will automatically reach the exact same vang position. When the boom is in the proper furling position the crew is alerted by a green LED. When sailing, the system acts as a normal push button system to move the vang up or down as desired.

The max-in and max-out position of the vang can be programmed too. For instance, the max-out position can be programmed in order to prevent the boom from hitting the Bimini top.