Other equipment

Electric winch handle

The electrified winch handle WinchRite® with Advanced "Brushless" motor technology is ideal for hoisting, furling and unfurling of your mainsail or genoa.

The WinchRite® works with a powerful Lit-ion battery. You don't need wiring, so you can easily use the WinchRite® for all your winches on board.

  • Dual rotation for two speed winches
  • Includes two drive cogs, bag, 12V and 220V charger, mountable holder, manual
  • Weight 2,8 Kg
  • Heat protection and shut down protection for battery and charging, sealed battery in unit
  • Charging time for AC is approximately 1 hour. Cool down period is required after charging
  • Torque: 110nm+
  • Works on all standard 8 point winches
  • If a winch is properly sized for a load then the WinchRite will perform as designed
  • Warranty: 1 year