Deck equipment

Deck equipment


Wichard fastenings - a complete range of pad eyes for safety fixing of deck rigging components. Also used in the industrial sector, for architectural purposes or interior decorating. All fastenings are made in France in 316L stainless steel (folding pad eyes also available in Titanium).

Folding pad eyes

  • Outstanding working and breaking loads regardless the angle of the load
  • Compliant with ISO 15085
  • Modern design to suit aesthetics of modern boats
  • Can be folded down to minimize the risk of injuries
  • Silicon pad to reduce noise and vibrations
  • Available as single or double model
  • Available in 316L stainless steel or TA6V Titanium

Toe rail pad eyes

  • Sliding pad eyes
  • Modern design to suit aesthetics of modern boats
  • Toe rail can be used without any risk of damage
  • Wide range of applications

Regular and watertight u-bolts

  • Outstanding working loads
  • UV-resistant rubber collar
  • Completely watertight
  • Available in black or white colour
  • Modern design to suit aesthetics of modern boats
  • Delivered with nuts and counterplate

Saddles and eye straps

  • High resistance
  • Round shape to prevent wear to straps, lines, etc.
  • Multi-use

Eye bolts and eye nuts

  • Single-piece forged components
  • Excellent safety standards
  • Broad range of sizes

Certified Service Center

We are a part of the network members inside BSI Group as a Certified Service Center

As a service center, we follow BSI’s recommendations and guidelines. We are fully backed by the factory and we only use BSI supplied, or approved, materials when doing the refits for new or previously supplied BSI projects. This ensures complete visibility and history of all materials installed in the rigging package.