Deck equipment

Deck equipment



Mini snatch block are a very light solution, completely made in U-V resistant high strength resin. They can be fastened both with a line or with a shackle.

OPF series – new by Antal, the “One Piece Frame” block without pins or screws, is a light and strong solution.

Looper series are ultralight OPF blocks provided with a dyneema Snap-Loop for fast, easy and safe connections.

Mainsail systems available in two sizes:

  • Size 60 for boats up to 36 ft and lines up to Ø=10 mm, safe working load = 800 kg
  • Size 75 for boats up to 40 ft and lines up to Ø=12 mm, safe working load = 1000 kg.

XXL blocks – the nuts and bolts have been replaced with recessed screws and pins, considerably reducing weight and eliminating any projecting parts. The main bearing is made of high-strength composite fibre impregnated with self-lubricating substances.

Classic series with a traditional design, is conceived especially for classic boats.

S.steel mini blocks offer extremely high working loads (34x6 block = 400 kg, 40x8 block = 500 kg) while still compact and lightweight.

Halyard blocks, designed for halyards at the base of the mast, keep the line as close to the deck as possible.

Hollow pin deck block / opf hollow pin – the sheave rotates on a hollow pin with the line passing through the pin’s centre. This type of arrangement reduces the height of the line off the deck, and the side loads on the block.

Mast blocks – hard black anodized aluminium frame with insulating washers for corrosion protection.

Organizers – groups of 2 to 6 sheaves in 3 diameters of 40, 50 and 60 mm.

Tulip series – sheaves have a particular groove shape that allows a line lead angle range of 40°.

Mainsail blocks

  • Reef blocks are connected to the leech of the mainsail with webbing, and reduce point loading on the mainsail when reefing. The center hole can be used as a safety connection to the boom when reefed.
  • Clew blocks are contained within the size of the sail, thus allowing a larger surface of the mainsail to be used.

DYNABLOCK – the new Antal block with revolving resin cheekplates and with a Dyneema snap loop protected by a polyester cover.

Snatch blocks – the cheekplate revolves around the sheave axle allowing the block to open. A safety pin, which engages automatically on closing, stops the block from opening accidentally.

Snatch looper, a block with a small sheave and a Dyneema snap loop suitable for high loads, particularly designed for 2:1 main halyards.

Low friction rings are simple, lightweight, resistant and require no maintenance. Thanks to the perfect polishing, they give extremely low friction.


16 mm block is Harken’s smallest block. It is perfect for small synthetic control lines found on high-tech dinghies and has a 113 kg (250 lb) maximum working load.

Micro blocks are low-friction, compact and lightweight. They are ideal for sailboards, smaller dinghies, and lightly loaded control lines on boats of all sizes.

T2 soft-attach carbo blocks are high-strength, soft-attach blocks in 18 to 57 mm sizes. They have no metal shackles or rivets, making them the lightest soft-attach blocks Harken has ever designed. All T2 blocks are lashed or spliced through the load-bearing centre of the block, decreasing the loads on the sideplates and acting as a safety backup for the system.

T2 soft-attach ratchamatic carbo block s Harken’s newest block to feature the T2 line’s styling and soft-attachment system with a minimum of moving parts in the ratcheting mechanism. Pressure on the line engages the ratchet mechanism, which switches seamlessly from free-running to ratchet mode. Unloaded main and jib sheets run out freely.

Wire high-strength blocks carry wire halyards and high-strength control lines on boats of all sizes.

Hexaratchet midrange classic blocks grip loaded sheets, yet allow sailors to ease and trim quickly and with complete control. A switch on the side engages and disengages the ratchet mechanism.

Black magic air blocks are strong and lightweight with a high strength-to-weight ratio. Air blocks are easy to clean and service. They have few parts and no loose balls or rollers to misplace. Unlike blocks that are riveted, fasteners allow quick disassembly with a single hex wrench.

Cruising esp blocks are simpler in design and construction. Available in aluminium or hand-polished stainless steel.

Megayacht blocks the clean, crisp look of aluminium is perfect for performance-oriented yachts. Can handle extremely high loads.

Stainless steel blocks reflect the traditional beauty of your yacht’s classic lines. Stainless sideplates are mirror-polished for durability and unmatched esthetics. Can handle extremely high loads.

TTR2 air blocks are lightweight and strong. Titanium rollers handle bearing loads, while high-wear composite thrust bearings handle sideloads for reduced maintenance. The loop is lashed tightly through the block’s lashing window or through the block’s hub. This increases block stability and keeps it from capsizing.

Classic wooden blocks combine the warm appeal of old-world craftsmanship with durable, low-friction, high-strength Harken ULC bearing systems. Block shells are crafted from hand-selected, classic maritime elm which resists splitting and does not dry out. A gloss finish protects the wood from the elements and gives it a deep, rich shine. Sheaves are constructed of high-strength, corrosion-resistant, black-anodized aluminum or a rich finished bronze—perfect for today’s high-strength rope and winches.

Footblocks are used to redirect lines on the deck. Foot blocks with Lockoffs temporarily secure sheets.

Mastbase halyard lead blocks can be grouped in a small area at the mast base. Also available in teardrop or over-the-top version.

Runners are used on running backstays. AIR RUNNER® BLOCK SOCKS - foam padded Block Socks easily install over Air Runner blocks to protect your blocks, deck, and crew.

Flip-flop blocks are low-profile, lightweight and can be used for various leads. Keeps the line close to the deck. Hinged construction allows variable leads. Lockoff provides a temporary stop to free up winches.

Through-deck blocks are used to lead control lines through the deck and bulkhead of offshore boats.

Snatch blocks are offered in standard and high-load configurations and are used on offshore boats of all sizes. STANDARD blocks feature low-friction roller/ball bearing sheaves and a unique push-button latch for one-handed operation. The opening side allows sheets to be inserted without reeving. HIGH-LOAD blocks can quickly be fastened wherever needed. ULC bearing technology ensures sheaves turn smoothly and maintain efficiency at high loads. The articulating LOUP® soft attachment carries the block’s primary load. Strong, lightweight Velcro® strap holds block closed when sideplates are aligned.

Deck organizers lead multiple lines aft to halyard stoppers or winches.


Control blocks are ideal for use with hand-held loads. They feature lightweight, performance load-bearing capacity, as well as exceptional strength and durability. The open design allows sand and salt to be flushed out easily, keeping maintenance simple.

Synchro blocks reduce friction and increase efficiency by up to 40% over budget blocks on mainsheet systems. Easier, smoother transfer of power from deck to sail and less wear on your rope. Simple switch to change from swivelling to fixed shackle. Head can be positioned for use in line or at 90 degrees – or left to rotate freely when in unlocked position. When locked allows 30° “float” on shackle post to improve alignment of block.

Htx blocks are constructed simply from high quality materials, providing enhanced reliability. Ideal for frequently adjusted, highly loaded systems using modern line technology and reduced line diameters. HTX blocks are more efficient than alternative brand using similar material due to machined bearing pin surface. HTX block efficiency improves above 450 kg as acetal sheaves become self-lubricating at this point.

Racing blocks Manufactured from the best materials, they offer incredible strength to weight ratios. Lockable head pin, highly efficient central bearing, Delrin thrust balls, ratchet fiddle blocks feature alloy ratchet sheaves and recessed ratchet lever.

High load racing blocks Manufactured from the best materials, they offer incredible strength to weight ratios. Lockable head pin, highly efficient needle roller bearing system, Delrin thrust balls, machined slots in cheeks for easy flushing of bearings

High load racing runner blocks – Sheaves run on an impregnated composite bearing with dual side thrust bearings for free-running at low initial load. Also available in Titanium. Breaking load of runner blocks is 2.5 x WLL.

Snatch blocks Ideal for general spinnaker use, they feature the Lewmar snap shackle and soft, synthetic rubber cheeks to handle rough treatment. Where a snatch block is attached in a situation which does not permit full movement, such as through some toe rails, a shackle must be used to ensure full articulation. Designed for line handling on sail boats only.

Pivoting lead blocks are a low profile solution for leading halyards or other rig sail controls back to cleats or jammers. Maintains alignment with a variable line entry-angle. The line passes through the centre of the pivot support, remaining as close to the deck as possible.


MX blocks – available as standard pin or Allen key pin version. Dedicated to heavy load applications. Thanks to the leash, this MXEvo version can’t lose its pin while opening, manipulating and closing the block.

Plain bearing blocks - withstand high loads and their design suits the aesthetics of the most modern boats. Ideal for static operations (mast foot block, boom vang, downhaul, mast head block…).

Ball bearing blocks - their design suits the aesthetics of the most modern boats. Innovative design with two lateral races of ball bearings. Smooth running for low load and high speed action. Under high loads, the sheave runs freely. Ideal for dynamic operations (mainsail sheet, mainsail travellers, spinnaker sheets, genoa sheets, running backstay).

Roller blocks – a comprehensive range suited to all modern ropes. Interchangeable head fastening systems for multiple attachment methods. Designed to be simple, reliable and long-lasting. They are ideal for dynamic running rigging that is subject to heavy loads (mainsail tackle, mast foot block, etc.).

HR roller blocks – specially designed for large yachts and sport racing boats. Outstanding working and breaking loads thanks to the HR shackle and the Torlon roller bearing. Sheaves 65-240

Snatch blocks – available in various versions. Fitted to a pad eye or toe rail, they are highly useful for taking up a rope that is already reeved. The elastomer moulded cheeks make them shock and scratch resistant. Each one is fitted with a snap shackle which allows them to move freely in any position. With its forged high-resistance stainless steel arm, the closing system is very strong. It can be opened very easily by pulling on the central plunger pin, as you would do with a normal snap shackle.

Stainless steel blocks – a comprehensive range for any type of applications. Light, reliable and good performance. Wide choice of fastenings. Ideal for dinghies or sport catamarans.

Deck organizers - with Delrin captive ball bearings sheaves are available in 2, 3 or 4 sheaves. Can be stacked to optimized space. Suit perfectly with the aesthetics of modern boats.

FRX rings - are efficient, light and reliable. Very strong, they can be used for heavy loads and semi-static lines. Designed to make your lines run smoothly with minimum wear and hard anodized (50 microns) for a longer lifespan.

Certified Service Center

We are a part of the network members inside BSI Group as a Certified Service Center

As a service center, we follow BSI’s recommendations and guidelines. We are fully backed by the factory and we only use BSI supplied, or approved, materials when doing the refits for new or previously supplied BSI projects. This ensures complete visibility and history of all materials installed in the rigging package.