Headstay systems

Headstay Systems

Flying sails


RLG EVO features::

  • May be used with all common types of asymmetric sails
  • Furling operations carried out from the cockpit
  • Fitted in a few minutes after having cut the stay to measure
  • Higher performances in terms of loads and smoothness
  • Reduced weight by roughly 60%
  • Tack swivel is independent from the drum
  • May also be used to furl sails with integrated anti-torsion stay
  • Double swivel allows you to adjust the Gennaker's luff tension by pulling a line from the cockpit
  • When furling in the sail, the “Luff control” enables you to “shorten” the luff to allow for a simpler and faster furling operation

RLG EVO S features:

  • A line stowing drum to be used in combination with NO TORSION stays
  • Lightweight and functional
  • Manufactured from aluminum blocks thanks to the use of CNC machines
  • Makes use of high load bearings in order to allow for the parts to slide perfectly
  • Reduced overall dimensions
  • Allows you keep the sail tack very low on deck


FX+ features:

  • Quick installation
  • Easy to fit and to adjust
  • The anti-twist rope is captive within the sail luff tape
  • The sail head and tack are fixed to the swivel and the flat drum with quick-release pins
  • The furled sail can quickly be stored after use
  • Ultra-compact (carbon housing)
  • Secured sail connection (the continuous drum is fitted with quick-release-pin fastenings )
  • Strong mechanism bodies

“Fast Thimble” for FX+ furler features:

  • Asymmetric Spinnaker furls in from the cockpit
  • Possible to use your existing asymmetric Spinnaker.
  • Asymmetric Spinnaker furls in as easily as the Gennaker
  • Comfortable sail handling from the cockpit
  • Sail furls in from head to tack
  • Continuous line drum prevents the furling line from overriding
  • The furling line can be removed from the drum without any mechanical operation


Code Zero features:

  • Used with free-flying asymmetrical headsails and staysails
  • Suitable for boats up to 21 m (70 ft)
  • Furls huge sails with minimal line
  • Furling made smooth and easy
  • Line held captive in the sheave
  • Arms open to remove the line for quick unfurling
  • The lower unit incorporates a quick sail disconnect by pushing a spring-loaded button
  • Handles extremely high luff loads
  • Furler heights are kept to a minimum to maximize luff length
  • Not to be used for reefing

Spinnaker Staysail fetaures::

  • Furled staysails are easy to hoist rolled and can be deployed or doused from the cockpit
  • Multiple stacked races of Torlon® ball bearings ensure smooth operation under load
  • Lower drum with snap shackle, fairlead and Cam-Matic cleats
  • Upper swivel with provision for halyard attachment

Gennaker Furling system fetaures::

  • For large singlehanded boats and huge oceangoing multihulls
  • The drum unit features a fairlead, while the upper swivel is designed for direct halyard attachment
  • Custom designs available for larger boats


KF / KSF / KFx features:

  • Extremely light and compact system (35% lighter and more compact than the competition)
  • Easier handling of the furled sail
  • Sail readily stored away
  • The same furler can usually be used for different sails
  • Decreased impact of the swivel on the mast when hoisting and lowering the sail
  • Unique drum locking mechanism with automatic lock in case of accidental line release
  • Easy drum unlocking by pulling the furling line in the same direction a the sail was furled to release the lock
  • Quick use captive pins to connect the cable to the furler swivel and drum
  • Composite spool around the drum is shock absorbent and protects the drum, the sail and the deck from impacts
  • Super low friction bearings specifically designed for Karver furlers with high tech materials
  • Easy and quick continuous line installation
Boat lenght Storm sail Code 0 Gennaker Asy spinnaker
max 26` KF1 KF1 KF1 KSF1
max 39` KF2 KF2 KF1 KSF2
max 48` KF5 KF5 KF2 KSF5
max 65` KF8 KF8 KF5 KSF8
max 85` KF12 KF12 KF8 KSF12
>85` Call us

KF system:

  • For Gennaker, Code zero, etc.
  • For boats from 20 ft up to 150 ft

KSF system:

  • For spinnaker sails
  • For boats from 20 ft up to superyachts

KFx system:

  • For structural stays
  • For boats 6 to 90 meters


NEX features:

  • Optimal size and weight
  • Better line grip
  • No special maintenance required
  • Quick installation
  • For boats up to 100 ft
  • Furling without effort
  • Light and easy to handle
  • Safety system to block the line
  • Easily removable line
  • Quick, ergonomic system with a quick sail attachment
  • The system is fitted and adjusted with a single screw

EC features:

  • Furler with a drum
  • Not to be used for reefing
  • Optimal luff of the sail
  • Reduced bulk and weight of the furling gear
  • Easier use of the most appropriate sail
  • Optimal boat's overall performance
  • Easy installation
  • The drum and swivel mechanisms are fitted with sealed ball bearings packed in grease

SPINEX features:

  • Compatible with all types of asymmetric spinnakers
  • Sail bearing technology: High-density spheres protect the sail from the cable and stop reverse furling
  • Sail kept away from the cable
  • Reduced wear of the sail
  • Greater furling diameter than the cable on its own for an easier and faster furling
  • Tack swivel fitted with Torlon bearings
  • Cable end fitting provides quick and easy installation
  • A complete ready to use system
  • Multi-purpose system (remove the tack swivel and turn it into a NEX system for gennakers or code zeros)
  • SPIN KIT fits on NEX furlers